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Holiday Wishes & Winter Break! (Dec 16, 2015)


From our team to yours, we wish you a joyous winter holiday! As we do every year, the Highpoint team will be taking a winter break between Christmas and New Year's Day. Our offices will be closed beginning Monday, December 21, through Sunday, December 27. Our offices will then be open Monday, December 28 tthrough Thursday, December 31st and be closed again on Friday January 1.

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We're Going on Summer Break (July 3 - July 12) (Jun 1, 2015)


As we do every year, the Highpoint team will be taking a summer break the week of July 4th. Our offices will be closed beginning 5 pm Friday, July 3rd, and we will be gone through Sunday, July 12th. 

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Location Tagging in Tweets (Apr 23, 2015)


Twitter is making it easier to tag specific locations through a partnership with Foursquare, a search and discovery app that allows users to share their locations with your online friends.

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Avoid SEO Fraud (Jan 21, 2015)


Few things, if any can be guaranteed, most especially in the ever changing frontier that is called SEO - search engine optimization. So, be wary when you receive offers via email saying that they can get your site on the first page of Google results or guaranteeing you particular rankings -- their tactics are not proven and you may pay a lot of money for their "service."

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Know what Google Knows (Nov 20, 2014)


Have you ever wondered what Google knows about you? Use the links below to find out what Google is tracking:

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Happy Thanksgiving! (Nov 20, 2014)


We at Highpoint would like to wish you a Happy Thankgiving. Also, as a reminder, our office will be closed for Thanksgiving starting Thursday, November 27th, but our team will be standing by to handle website emergencies. We hope your Thanksgiving will be joyful and delicious! (We'll be back on the job Monday, December 1st.)

What Apple Pay May Mean for Online Donations (Oct 24, 2014)


Apple just launched its mobile payment service, Apple Pay, which will essentially turn certain Apple mobile devices into a credit or debit card. The new service has the potential to make donating easier, not only for mobile but for desktop as well.

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You'll NEVER Believe what Facebook did to Clean Up the News Feed (Sep 12, 2014)


Facebook is cleaning up the News Feed by reducing the amount of posts with click-bait headlines as well as stories that have links shared in the captions of photos or within status updates.

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Instagram Released Time-Lapse Video App (Sep 4, 2014)


Instagram has released a standalone video app called Hyperlapse, which lets you create time-lapse videos from your mobile device.

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Google's Authorship Is Dead (Aug 29, 2014)


If you have employed a WordPress plugin that adds authorship to your site for search engine optimization, you can now disable it as Google no longer supports it in search results.

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Google Replaces "Places for Business" (Jun 24, 2014)


Google has recently announced a new service called "Google My Business," a replacement for "Places for Business," which contained information Google used when listing a local business in search results.

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Google Advertising on your Refrigerator (Jun 6, 2014)


You could soon be viewing ads on your refrigerator, thermostat, car, and a number of other household appliances if Google has its way. Last December, Google made it evident that they expect to be serving ads and other content on "refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities."

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Announcing our new Director of Operations (Apr 28, 2014)


We are excited to announce our new Director of Operations, Daryl Lackey, who joined the team earlier this month. With over ten years of web development experience at AT&T, he has successfully completed many high profile and mission critical web applications.

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Highpoint Not Affected by Heartbleed Bug (Apr 22, 2014)


In the beginning of the month, the security bug called Heartbleed was disclosed. This flaw had the potential to expose the personal information that people enter into websites, such as passwords and credit card numbers. Around half a million of the Internet's web servers, previously deemed secure, were believed to be vulnerable to the attack.

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Gamification of the Workplace (Apr 22, 2014)


Gamification, the process of transferring the features that motivate players in videogames into non-game situations, may be gaining momentum in the workplace.

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Visual Content is Better Than Text (Apr 22, 2014)


Your business and website need visual content. Use visuals such as infographics and videos to "wow" your audience and give your content the magic of motion. Visuals will make understanding your product and/or mission faster and simpler.

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New Tool Makes Using Google Analytics Easier (Apr 17, 2014)


Ever get frustrated trying to interpret your site's Google Analytics? Thankfully, those days may be over. Quill Engage, a free service provided by Narrative Science, automatically analyzes and transforms Google Analytics data into natural language.

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Michael Heilpern (Feb 21, 2014)


Sadly, we need to inform you that we've lost our team leader and president, Michael Heilpern, who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 15. He will be missed in more ways than we can count. There will be a memorial gathering in his honor at a date to be announced soon.

Moving Ahead

It will take more than one person to replace Michael, so we are happy to announce the following team additions:

  • Linda Heilpern (Michael's wife) is returning to her former role as Highpoint President. As a founding owner of Highpoint, Linda brings her myriad of management and publishing skills back to the team.
  • Slim Heilpern (Michael's brother) will be our new Technical Adviser. Slim's background includes 26 years of software engineering in various capacities at companies such as Borland, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle, and is an active jazz harmonica player.
  • Caitlyn Stephenson joins the team as our new Sales and Marketing representative. Caitlyn has previously worked in insurance sales, fitness marketing, and social media outreach, and is working towards her master's degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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Google+ Testing Out Promoted Ads (Feb 17, 2014)


Google+ is the second largest social networking site in the world after Facebook and it is now testing +Post ads. The new feature will allow a brand to take a piece of their public Google+ content such as a photo, video, or Hangout, and turn it into an ad that can be exposed to the more than two-million sites in the Google Display Network.

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It's Time for Our Winter Break! (Dec 20, 2013)


As we do every year, the Highpoint team will be taking a winter break. Our offices will be closed beginning Saturday, December 21st, returning on Monday, December 30th. We will also be closed for New Year's Day. 

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What Our Clients Say:

  • Highpoint completed a beautiful redesign of Monte Vista Water District's website in 2010. The website is both attractive and versatile, with a content management system that is easy to use and readily adaptable.

    Being attuned to the changing needs of the District and our customers, Highpoint developed an email newsletter and an updated employee application which work seamlessly with the existing website. I would highly recommend that any public agency or private business strongly consider working with this excellent firm. 

    Justin Scott-Coe, Public Affairs Director
  • As  I move on, I won't forget about all the assistance and support Highpoint has given us over the years. Assistance League is truly lucky to have a vendor that is as competent and forward-thinking as yourself.

    Heather Cieslak, Associate Director, Assistance League
  • I just visited your website for the City of San Dimas and I want to give the site 5 stars! I visit many public agency websites and to locate what you need is a lengthy path. Thanks for the simplicity and directness.

    Sandy, RHA Engineering
  • Sean, Thank you so much for all your time and help. We love our web pages. They look great and you've done an amazing job!

    Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan
  • I would like to express my appreciation for quality products ...  and enhanced website capabilities. All of these have improved efficiencies within the Police Department and enhanced our community outreach efforts. You and your staff have provided excellent customer service, delivering products that have met and exceeded our expectations. Your understanding of our needs and vision has been most apparent in the final products delivered. Technical support has been excellent.

    Captain Gary Jenkins (Ret.) Claremont Police Department
  • I'm thrilled! The Highpoint folks brought tremendous creativity to designing my web site. They understood what I was trying to do, and they expanded upon it. They were also exceptionally thorough, carefully thinking through every aspect of my site and patiently explaining all of the technical issues involved. I would recommend their services without hesitation.

    Pam Gardner, APR, Gardner Communications Group
  • The Highpoint team has been extremely supportive, involved, and genuinely interested in all that we do. We appreciate your professionalism and business ethics. Your good counsel has served as a catalyst for moving our business forward and helping us to compete effectively in a highly competitive business environment. Thank you for your excellent work.

    Cathy Winans, Sr. VP, Medical Communications Systems, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • When shopping for a new webmaster, we interviewed and contracted Highpoint, whose team knows the business, listens to our specific needs, and implements solutions that work. We're bullish about Highpoint!

    Bill Burns, CAE, Executive Director, Association for Play Therapy
  • CHA hired Highpoint, under a very short timeframe, to develop, produce and implement a web-based survey tool. We were facing a major public policy challenge and needed to collect data from our members -- yesterday. Highpoint provided the finished site to us on time and on budget. It worked reliably from day one. Moreover, Highpoint staff provided in-depth support in survey design, question formulation and data calculation. We are very pleased ... Thank you, Highpoint!

    Art Sponseller, CEO, Hospital Council of Northern and Central California
  • The skilled team at Highpoint helped us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our current website. Their discussions with key staff members revealed insights that proved invaluable in reorganizing our workflows so that we could publish more efficiently. They presented a wide array of creative options that complemented our overall strategic objectives. I heartily recommend their services to any organization seeking guidance in how to use web technology to improve communications and operational efficiency.

    Sarah Sanford, Society of Actuaries
  • Michael identified the problem and suggested a creative solution in record time and emerged with a product that far exceeded what I could imagine. If you want your product to look good, and to make you look good, call Highpoint. It is true - they make ideas work!

    Barbara Jefferson, Claremont University Consortium
  • Highpoint has been an important business partner, and their experience and depth of knowledge have been invaluable. We highly recommend them to companies requiring strategic consulting, web-based application development, web site management, and web-related marketing assistance.

    Myla Wagner, former VP of Marketing, GE Medical Systems Healthcare Solutions
  • I have been very pleased with everyone at Highpoint from the very beginning. I recommend you all whenever I get the chance.

    Chuck Baker, President, National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association
  • Highpoint has always exceeded expectations in both creative-artistic and technical areas. But equally important is their top-notch customer service. When I have a project or a problem that I need to solve, I can always count on their staff to provide the right solution, right away. . I would give them the highest recommendation.

    Timothy Worley, Three Valleys Water District
  • I cannot remember a more enjoyable and smoother experience with a service provider. You listen and communicate especially well, you produce what you say you will deliver, and you have developed an excellent product and operation. Thanks for making me look good!

    Scott Blech, Los Angeles Area Hotel & Lodging Association
  • I have always found the Highpoint crew to be friendly, knowledgeable, accurate, efficient, responsive to deadlines and up-to-date on technology.... They've always made me feel like I'm their ONLY client.

    Lois Smith, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
  • Highpoint's expert team ... helped to expand the concept of our web site beyond what we thought was possible, yet they were always mindful of our wishes. Their probing and thoughtful questions served to clarify our objectives. As a result, we did not waste a cent!

    Mary M Kingston, Best Practice Network
  • When we needed a talented team to launch our new image on the web, Highpoint was the perfect fit. They helped us to understand the technical issues, surmount design challenges and refine our content. They worked as our valued partners every step of the way!

    Phyllis Reading, National Assistance League
  • You and your staff have been great to work with... I look back at the selection of Highpoint as one of the best decisions I made in my 18 years in San Dimas.... Thank you for being able to take our vision and make it happen!

    Craig Hensley, City Web Site Coordinator
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Heilpern and the Highpoint staff for more than eight years.... Throughout all of our work together, Michael demonstrated that the company focused on the message first and employs web technology to achieve the communications goal. I feel that Highpoint's orientation to the communications side of business is a compelling reason to select this company.

    Patricia Wall, Hospital Association of Southern California
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