Ideas for hospitals and health professionals

Our engagements in healthcare -- connecting hospital administrators and healthcare clinicians so they can collaborate, benchmark and share best practices -- have been among our most interesting and rewarding projects. Since 1997, when we designed the first website for professional healthcare collaboration, we have remained active in providing custom website development for this vital field.

Our experience has given us a good understanding of the specific challenges posed by specialization, privacy requirements, complex management structures and the need to collaborate across multiple facilities and hospital systems.

Our projects have included development in these areas:

  • Anonymous medical error reporting system
  • Healthcare association websites
  • Healthcare products websites
  • Information sharing to improve business process efficiency
  • Institutional websites
  • Inter-hospital benchmarking tools
  • Inter-hospital knowledgebases
  • Inter-hospital survey tools
  • Multi-disciplinary collaborative

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Case Studies

  • A Collaborative Site for Healthcare Innovation

    Highpoint was instrumental in the inception and development of the Best Practice Network, the first collaborative website in healthcare -- a project initiated by 13 nursing associations, which grew to over 30 associations within 2 years.

    The website featured online surveys, discussion boards, resource libraries, best practice guidelines and benchmarking opportunities.

    "Highpoint's expert team is both imaginative and practical. They helped to expand the concept of our web site beyond what we thought was possible, yet they were always mindful of our wishes. Their probing and thoughtful questions served to clarify our objectives. As a result, we did not waste a cent on anything we didn't fully believe was the right direction."
    -Mary M Kingston, RN, MSN, Director, Best Practice Network

  • A Collaborative Site for Hospital Managers

    A leading healthcare benchmarking firm wanted to create an online community where managers in several hundred subscribing hospitals could network to share information. Where a given hospital was showing outstanding benchmarking results, managers in other hospitals wanted to know exactly how they got those results.

    The website, which provided an array of collaborative tools plus informative articles, web resources and performance improvement tips, quickly achieved a high degree of participation and increased satisfaction among hospital subscribers.

  • Competitive Analysis for Emergency Medical Notification System

    The Hospital Association of Southern California had pioneered an emergency medical notification system linking all the state's hospital emergency rooms with law enforcement and EMR dispatch centers. Although widely adopted, the system was threatened by an agile competitor and by rapid changes in communication technology.

    Highpoint provided a thorough competitive analysis, which explored the threats to the client's line of business as well as the opportunities presented by technology innovation. Our work product concluded with broad specifications for a next generation system and a path to transition to newer technology. Subsequent development was carried out by the client's in-house programming team.