Ideas for membership organizations

Communicating effectively with your members is essential to your organization's success. Providing them with timely and relevant information is an essential part of ensuring member satisfaction and member retention.

Your organization's website should be intuitive, easy to navigate, provide answers to your members' routine inquiries, and facilitate online transactions. Your website should be your best spokesperson, your best channel for member communications and a reflection of your unique identity and mission.

Your organization's website can be all that and more. 

We will work with your management team to understand your needs and familiarize ourselves with your internal resources and business processes. Then we will design and develop a website that gives your staff the tools it needs to efficiently and effectively communicate with your members and transact organizational business.

We will also provide complete hosting and maintenance and unlimited training and technical support.

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Case Studies

  • Automating Credentials Renewal for a Professional Association

    The Association for Play Therapy had a lengthy questionnaire that its members filled out each year in order to renew their professional credentials. The process was time-consuming for members, who had to provide redundant information every year. It was especially taxing for association managers, who had to manually update their in-house database every year, communicate with applicants about unclear missing information, and then manually process their payments.

    After in-depth discussions with the client, Highpoint designed a user-friendly interface that streamlined the renewal process and ensured that members provided all the required information. By providing renewal information in a standard digital format and automating online payments, we saved the association many hours of administrative time. 

  • Branded Chapter Sites for a National Service Organization

    A large national network of local women's service organizations faced two big challenges. Their local chapters lacked a unifying brand identity. Consequently, their collective impact was largely unrecognized. Secondly, their membership consisted mostly of retired women, many of whom were uncomfortable with new technology. Their chapters were slow to develop websites, which in turn made it more difficult for them to attract younger, professional women.

    Highpoint developed a network of branded "chapter sites" that could be easily managed by inexperienced administrators. This provided chapters with the opportunity to publicize their own local projects while ensuring a unified identity for all chapters. Local chapters are now enthusiastically employing their chapter websites to advance their charitable objectives.

  • Online Needs Assessment for a Professional Society

    The Society of Actuaries wanted to make the flow of information and the delivery of services faster, broader, more effective, and more efficient. So they asked Highpoint to assess needs and provide a strategic plan for guiding its web development in the near future.

    We performed a thorough review of the existing SoA website and prepared an online user survey to determine which site features were used most frequently, which features were easiest to use, which seemed difficult to use, and which features users would like to see added in the future.

    We interviewed key staff and stakeholders, including representatives of all departments plus selected board members to determine how they were using the website and what sort of information they would like to see made available. 

    We prepared a thorough report detailing our findings including appropriate software, hardware, and partnership options that SoA should consider.