Ideas for policing and public safety

The Internet, augmented by wireless networks and mobile devices, will play a growing role in the business of law enforcement, emergency response and ensuring public safety. Highpoint has been a leader in working with law enforcement agencies to use the power of the web:

  • Improving trust and rapport with local communities
  • Increasing transparency in communication with residents and businesses
  • Increasing the speed of communication using email and instant messaging (SMS)
  • Geographically targeting email and text communications
  • Enlisting community support in solving crimes
  • Reducing the burden on active duty personnel through time-saving web applications

We are eager to work with police, fire and emergency response agencies in developing and deploying effective and reliable systems to improve community safety.

Contact us to discuss your department's requirements.

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Case Studies

  • Online Policing Tool Targets Local Addresses via Email & Text

    Responding to a request from our local police department, we designed a system whereby messages could be sent to local residents and businesses via email or text message (SMS), including micro-targeting by address based on customizable reporting districts.

    The system, which is currently being used by two southern California cities, includes the ability to receive anonymous tips, to create and send messages  to special business and community groups, and to post videos, images or slideshows.

  • Competitive Analysis for Emergency Medical Notification System

    The Hospital Association of Southern California had pioneered an emergency medical notification system linking all the state's hospital emergency rooms with law enforcement and EMR dispatch centers. Although widely adopted, the system was threatened by an agile competitor and by rapid changes in communication technology.

    Highpoint provided a thorough competitive analysis, which explored the threats to the client's line of business as well as the opportunities presented by technology innovation. Our work product concluded with broad specifications for a next generation system and a path to transition to newer technology. Subsequent development was carried out by the client's in-house programming team.

  • Overnight Parking Application Reduces Demands on Police Dispatch

    The City of Claremont had an overnight parking ordinance designed to keep its streets clear of unsightly disabled vehicles and reduce crime. Residents were allowed a limited number of exemptions to the ordinance each month, for which they had to register by phoning the Police Department. These phone calls added to the burden on staff, especially late-night dispatch.

    Highpoint designed an automated system whereby residents could easily secure exemptions online. The system provided quick and accurate feedback regarding the user's remaining available exemptions and generated all necessary reports for the Department to carry out its enforcement operations. 

    After a trial period of implementation, the online system completely replaced live phone operators during the late evening shift, saving valuable staff time.