Ideas for online communities

  • How can we use the Internet to foster a sense of community?
  • How can your website bring people together to work on a cause?
  • Or feel more connected to a place? Or share a common interest?
  • How can we provide them with the tools and information they need to organize, motivate and maintain their efforts?

Highpoint has been working in this fascinating area since 1997, encouraging people to feel part of a group, helping them to work together at a distance, to share ideas and information resources, and to collaborate in accomplishing their goals.

Our successful projects include interdisciplinary communities of practice, grassroots action campaigns, fan-based websites and local event-based communities.

Call us with your ideas.

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Case Studies

  • Event-based Community Website Stimulates Local Commerce

    With 7 local colleges and a unique downtown shopping and entertainment district, the City of Claremont is a regional hub of community events, including films, lectures, live music, dance, theater and art exhibits.

    With encouragement from the City and sponsorship of the Chamber of Commerce, we designed and developed The Claremont Calendar, which aggregates events from the colleges, the City, local entertainment venues and community organizations, providing area residents and visitors with compelling reasons to spend more of their time and money in the local community.

  • A Collaborative Site for Healthcare Innovation

    Highpoint was instrumental in the inception and development of the Best Practice Network, the first collaborative website in healthcare -- a project initiated by 13 nursing associations, which grew to over 30 associations within 2 years.

    The website featured online surveys, discussion boards, resource libraries, best practice guidelines and benchmarking opportunities.

    "Highpoint's expert team is both imaginative and practical. They helped to expand the concept of our web site beyond what we thought was possible, yet they were always mindful of our wishes. Their probing and thoughtful questions served to clarify our objectives. As a result, we did not waste a cent on anything we didn't fully believe was the right direction."
    -Mary M Kingston, RN, MSN, Director, Best Practice Network

  • Branded Chapter Sites for a National Service Organization

    A large national network of local women's service organizations faced two big challenges. Their local chapters lacked a unifying brand identity. Consequently, their collective impact was largely unrecognized. Secondly, their membership consisted mostly of retired women, many of whom were uncomfortable with new technology. Their chapters were slow to develop websites, which in turn made it more difficult for them to attract younger, professional women.

    Highpoint developed a network of branded "chapter sites" that could be easily managed by inexperienced administrators. This provided chapters with the opportunity to publicize their own local projects while ensuring a unified identity for all chapters. Local chapters are now enthusiastically employing their chapter websites to advance their charitable objectives.

  • Live Jazz Website Gets Local Fans Up Off the Couch

    As a longtime jazz fan, our company president was frustrated by the lack of a single web location where he could find out who was playing in the hundred-plus venues scattered across the sprawling southern California landscape. Keenly aware of how difficult it was for jazz musicians to publicize their performances and to reach their fan base, he launched, a website that collects and organizes jazz events so that fans can find live jazz right in their own neighborhoods.

    This advertiser-supported website currently lists thousands of upcoming events, includes a database of local jazz musicians and hosts blogs by local jazz personalities. It publishes 10 weekly email newsletters and a news feed on Twitter.