Our services: design

Highpoint's involvement in design predates our introduction to the Web. Before we ever heard of HTML, were providing expert services in design, illustration, typography and imaging. Those knowledge sets, which are now part of our organizational DNA, help us to make well-informed decisions when it comes to coordinating our customers' web communications with their projects that use more traditional media.

Successful design has always involved balancing creative imagination with practical requirements. Successful design for the web is an especially rigorous process. After completing a thorough needs analysis and competitive analysis, we provide a progressive series of design comps through which we offer our clients the opportunity to give us honest feedback, based on which we refine our design choices until we find the very best fit.

In our view, a successful website design should:

  • Accurately reflect our customer's aspirational identity -- a combination of how they appear to the world today and how they would like to appear in the future.
  • Meet the highest expectations of our customer's target markets.
  • Clearly and efficiently present our customer's website content.
  • Be robust enough to accommodate future content and functionality.
  • Display similarly in all current web browsers.
  • Make our customers' hearts burst with pride when viewing their website.

Specific Services:

  • Advertising Design
  • Animation
  • Audio Optimization
  • Browser Optimization
  • Email Newsletters
  • Facebook Page Design
  • Favicon Design
  • Illustration
  • Image Optimization
  • Logo Design
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Twitter Page Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Ad Design
  • Website Design
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Our Services

  • Website Management

    24x7 website monitoring
    Browser compatibility upgrades
    Complete maintenance logs
    DNS hosting
    Email hosting
    Free routine upgrades
    Integration of 3rd-party applications
    Internet firewall
    List hosting
    Nightly backups
    Optional Time Budget
    Redundant Internet connections
    Routine database updates
    Secure top-tier facility
    Security patches and upgrades
    Sound Advice
    Threat protection
    Unlimited technical support
    Unlimited training and retraining
    Version-controlled code repository
    Web usage statistics
    Website hosting

  • Programming

    Application Design
    Content Management (CMS)
    Custom Programming
    Customer Relationship Mgt (CRM)
    Database Design
    E-Commerce Solutions
    Lead Generation Systems
    Mobile Web
    Online Surveys
    Social Media Integration
    Targeted Email
    Technical Specifications
    Text Messaging

  • Design Services

    Advertising Design
    Audio Optimization
    Browser Optimization
    Email Newsletter Design
    Facebook Page Design
    Flash Design
    Image Optimization
    Logo Design
    Mobile Web Design
    Print Media Design
    Publication Design
    Twitter Page Design
    User Experience Design
    Video Optimization
    Web Ad Design
    Website Design

  • Content Development

    Audio editing
    Content management systems
    Content re-organization
    Content scheduling
    Content updating
    Copy editing
    Email newsletter management
    Facebook page management
    Image editing
    Marketing communications
    Print-web content integration
    Rewrite editing
    Twitter management
    Video optimization

  • Strategic Analysis

    Competitive Analysis
    Internet Marketing Strategies
    Planning Workshops
    Publishing Strategies
    User Survey Design
    Web Marketing Plans
    Web Needs Analysis
    Web SWOT Analysis
    Web Traffic Analysis
    Website Objectives

  • Internet Marketing

    Automated Publishing Systems
    Competitive Analysis
    Content Optimization
    CRM Systems
    Custom Landing Pages
    Custom Reporting Tools
    Email Newsletter Design
    Email Newsletter Management
    Facebook Page Management
    Google Analytics
    Server Log Analysis
    Integrated Facebook Tools
    Integrated Twitter Tools
    Keyword Analysis
    Lead Generation Systems
    Marketing Copywriting
    Marketing Plan Development
    Online Survey Design
    Pay-per-Click Ad Campaigns
    Print-Web Media Campaigns
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Twitter Marketing

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