Our services: content management & content development

Before the web became a universal communication platform, very few people were engaged in the activity of publishing. Most organizations would delegate this activity to a few specialists or job out their publishing needs to specialized vendors.

Increasingly, to be functioning as a business or organization is to be publishing all of the time. Whether sending short bursts on Twitter, longer text streams via email, creating or modifying web pages, adding or responding to blog posts, editing images or creating video -- the list of publishing tasks never seems to end!

For most of our customers, their challenge is how to perform these tasks efficiently and effectively with limited time. We see our challenge as twofold:

  • Deploy and configure content management tools that make our customers' jobs easier, taking into account how their work is organized and the resources they have on hand to accomplish it.
  • Provide content development services that fill in the gaps in our customers' skill sets whenever needed.

As long-time veterans of the publishing industry and as web publishers ourselves, we are well qualified to understand our customers' specific needs and to provide publishing support as necessary.

Specific Capabilities:

  • Content management systems
  • Content re-organization
  • Content scheduling
  • Content updating
  • Copy editing
  • Copywriting
  • Email newsletter management
  • Image editing
  • Marketing communications
  • Print-web content integration
  • Research
  • Rewrite editing
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