Our services: website management

Managing one or more websites can be a 24x7 endeavor, requiring a combination of skills in network administration, web programming, web graphics and content development, as well as a knowledge of your organization's website objectives and customer base. Few organizations have all of these knowledge sets in house.

Highpoint's Site Management program provides a simple, comprehensive way to make sure that your website functions flawlessly while freeing up your team members so they can do the things that they do best.

  • If we build your website, we will continue to support it under a Site Management plan.
  • If someone else has built your website, we can tailor a custom Site Management plan so that our team can maintain in for you.

Our Site Management program has several components:

Hosting Options

Your Site Management plan can include these hosting options:

  • DNS hosting
  • Email hosting
  • List hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Web usage statistics

We will take care of all the routine maintenance practices needed to ensure continuous service:

  • 24x7 website monitoring
  • Browser compatibility upgrades
  • Complete maintenance logs
  • Internet firewall
  • Multiple redundant Internet connections
  • Nightly backups
  • Secure top-tier facility
  • Security patches and upgrades
  • Threat protection
  • Version-controlled code repository
Unlimited Support

Most of our customers choose to have us install a content management system that makes it quick and easy for them to update their website content with no special technical knowledge For those customers, we offer:

  • Free routine upgrades
  • Routine database updates
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited training and retraining
Sound Advice

As a Highpoint customer, you have access to the knowledge and experience our entire team. Whether you are a one-person startup, a nonprofit or a publicly-traded corporation, we will address your questions and concerns in a timely manner and place the combined knowledge of our entire team at your disposal.

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